Blog Update and Sunday Blog Love

blog update sunday blog love


Sunday Blog Love

Krantcents - Krantcents writes about the potential of starting your own online business.  He raises some pertinent questions of people thinking about starting an e-commerce site as well as offers some resources on starting one.

Money Ahoy – A great money saving tip – sharing plates at restaurants.  Instead of leaving the restaurant with leftovers, Money Ahoy suggests sharing meals instead to both save money and waste less.  A great easy tip on saving while eating out.

Nomad Wallet – A great post on a couple who took a year-long honeymoon traveling the world.  What a great way to start off a marriage!

Luke1428 – Brian shares a few of his life’s embarrassing moments as well as offers insight on how to handle them.  A useful read indeed!

Financial Diffraction – Alicia shares some of her frustrations with her payroll service.  Understandably, she’s thinking of offering to do payroll herself.  I think she should go for it.

Retire By 40 – Mike from Retire By 40 gives pointers on how to spot work from home scams disguised as “business opportunities”.  I’m sure there are a lot of them out on the internet.

1500 Days to Freedom – A great post on the negativity bias, our tendency to focus on the negative rather than positive experience.  This post is my favorite of the week.

Impersonal Finance – Ryan writes about Survivorship Bias.  It’s the tendency of people to focus on the winners/survivors when looking for ways to win or succeed.  Ryan writes that it’s not only important to look at the success stories but to look at the failures as well to determine why they failed.  That’s a great tool for your success.

Untemplater - Sydney has some useful advice on home and health insurance.

Blog Update

Well not much to report on the blog front this week.  I’ve been busy getting ready for my India Trip.  There’s a lot of preparation involved leaving your business.  It’s rather stressful as well.  I’m fortunate in that my parents are visiting and will also help with the business while I’m gone.  That will help to alleviate some of the stress.  This will also be a nice little test to see if my employees can handle running the business while I’m gone.  Hopefully I’ve trained them well.

I’ll try and take a lot of pictures to share in India.  I’m also interested in learning about the small business lifestyle in India.  Hopefully I can gain some insight and even learn some helpful tips while there.

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  1. Thanks for the love Sean. I just realized you’re in India right now. So, we’ll be here when you get back. Go have an awesome time and take some pictures. Be easy brother.

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