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blog update sunday blog loveSunday Blog Love

Luke1428 - Brian has a great and insightful post on the “if-only” game, a game we’ve struggled through before.  In fact, I still consistently play this game myself.  This is my favorite post of the week and it’s a great reminder on how we all can be more patient and caring with ourselves, and with those around us.  I love reading posts like these…it’s a constant reminder to stay present and not to sweat the small stuff.  Great post Brian.

Financial Diffraction – Alicia talks about an issue bloggers must deal with in some form or another – anonymity.  Some bloggers, maybe the pro bloggers, really focus on branding themselves.  It’s their name and face on the line.  Others, myself included, prefer a little anonymity when it comes to throwing our thoughts and experiences out in the wind for all to see.  Maybe it just takes us some time to get used to our online life.  It’s another skin if you will.

Retire by 40 – Mike writes about the “side hustle” and your day job, which often compete for your time. He explains a little about the process of your mindset as you climb toward the day where your side hustle becomes your main hustle.

1500 Days to Freedom – 1500 has a fun little contest where you or anyone (hopefully me) can win an Amazon gift card.  Erin from red debted stepchild will be moderating as 1500 is a pre-occupied with family in town, a job, and building a house…today.

Untemplater - Sydney has some great quotes that have helped her on her journey dealing with “change”.  These are little nuggets and as I’ve mentioned before, I love these little reminders.  Life is so short that sometimes we need little nudges to break through barriers, we mostly put up ourselves.

Krantcents - A great post on why you need insurance!

Money Ahoy -  Derek helps us navigate the waters of Egyptian rentals.  Ever want to live in Egypt?  This is a must read if you’ll need accommodation when you arrive.

Making Money Fast and Slow - Jon has his market update and as usual, it’s spot on.  Don’t take it from me though, I know nothing about the stock market.  Go read Jon’s post!

Blog Update

Well this week was fun.  I made more incremental improvements to my Alexa ranking which is at 166,991 at this writing.  I’m starting to share a little more as far as promoting other sites and making friends.  A new blog that I may add to my favorite blog list soon is Impersonal Finance.  Impersonal Finance is a personal finance blog written by a self proclaimed hipster.  As a Pacific Northwesterner, I believe I am an expert on distinguishing the characteristics of a hipster and while I haven’t actually met IF in person, he sounds and acts like a born and bred hipster.  (Disclaimer – I am not a hipster myself, although I sometimes pretend to be one if my jeans are still fresh and tight which may be construed as skinny jeans.)  Check out Huffington Post’s group of “True Hipsters” here.

I had a nice little talk this week with a friend who owns small businesses in Utah.  He’s working on a deal to be a product merchandiser with the NBA.  He would like to include one of my products in the mix.  This is very exciting although I come across this often.  These types of deals are very rare as the competition is super high (understandably so).  But nevertheless, I’m going to do my due diligence and submit my product and then hope for the best.  This is the small business version of buying a lottery ticket.

As always, thanks for reading.

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4 Responses

  1. Great progress on the Alexa ranking! You blew by 200k quite quickly. I just broke 100k a few days ago, and I’ve since realized I need to strongly focus on SEO now rather than that metric.

    Thanks again for the inclusion. I think the anonymity thing really comes up when a lot of those bloggers try to start switching to more professional (aka monetizing),… Or that’s why it is coming up with me.

    • SBB says:

      Thanks Alicia, congratulations on the 100k! As far as SEO, I use the Yoast plugin. It makes it easy to optimize my posts by using a color system…green for good, yellow for ok, and red for not good SEO.

      As far as your anonymity issue, I would say that if you can eventually turn this into your day-job, anonymity won’t be that big of a deal cause you’ll be so stoked to be making it. We can only hope…haha

  2. Untemplater says:

    Thanks for the mention! Hey that’s really cool about the potential partnership with the NBA through your friend. How cool would that be?! Best of luck!

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