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blog update sunday blog loveSunday Blog Love

This week I removed some blogs and added some to my Blog Love list.  I want to limit the list to 10 of my favorite blogs and also give some newly discovered blogs some love.  This week I added Impersonal Finance to the list and removed a couple blogs Moneycone and Making Money Fast and Slow.

Krantcents - Insight about working a job your passionate about and it’s overall effect on your life!

1500 Days to Freedom – 10 Questions with Grumpy and Annoyed, from an American living in Belgium.  I bet there’s some great experiences he can share from that.

Money Ahoy -  Derek shares his experience with selling on Ebay and discovering diamonds in the rough while doing so.

Luke1428 - A sweet and touching Valentines Day tribute to his Grandpa.

Financial Diffraction – Alicia covers her “Dining Out” budget rules and a little gem of a restaurant she’s recently discovered.

Retire by 40 – Procrastination, while generally not considered a good thing, can save you money.  Learn how in this post.

Untemplater - Sam raises a good question, “What’s Wrong With Subsidizing People Who Don’t Want To Work?”  It references our new health care plan which in my opinion works a lot like auto insurance where the safer drivers subsidize the drivers with no insurance, or that get into a lot of accidents.

Impersonal Finance – Jen, the lady of the house, talks about how she saves money on grocery shopping.  This is definitely a must read for anyone who likes to eat and save money at the same time.

 Blog Update

I had our first giveaway this week which ended on Monday.  We gave away free Hawaiian coffee via our official coffee company, Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee.  It was a great little activity which helped with traffic.  Hopefully I gained some new regular readers with some of the new traffic that came in.  Also this week, we added a new blog to our fave list, Impersonal Finance.  It’s author, known as Mr. Roboto, has a great take on personal finance as part of a young, married couple coming out of debt and working towards financial independence.  I really enjoy Mr. Roboto’s writing style and I’ve even had a few twitter exchanges with him (which is nothing more than a couple back and forths of tweets).  I’m glad to add Mr. (and Mrs.) Roboto to the list via Impersonal Finance!

Also this week, Deia at Nomad Wallet, is helping us with our upcoming trip to India.  Deia’s been nice enough to help us gather information through her readers.  We’re excited to see what she comes up with.  If you’re interested, check out her blog at  Deia has great interactions with people who travel the world…whether as a full time lifestyle or as a part-time passion.  I’ll probably be adding her site to my favorite blogs list very soon.

That’s it this week.  Was there anything about the site that you particularly enjoyed?

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  1. Good choice adding Impersonal Finance – I really enjoy that blog as well!

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