Blog Update and Sunday Blog Love

blog update sunday blog love

Sunday Blog Love

First off I’d like to give a big shout out to Mr. 1500 from Retire in 1500 Days for including Small Business Billionaire on his 10 Questions section which features other bloggers.  1500 named his blog because his plan is to retire in 1500 days.  From his Goal Progress section, it looks like he’s well on his way!

I’d also like to thank Deia from Nomad Wallet.  Deia is helping us with our upcoming trip to India.  She’s been busy helping us connect with experienced travelers, helping us figure out certain aspects of our trip.  It’s been a great experience and we’ve definitely gained information we wouldn’t have been able to gather anywhere else.  So a big thumbs up for Nomad Wallet.  If you have any interest in traveling, or have been traveling a lot already, check out Nomad Wallet!

1500 Days to Freedom - Mr. 1500 includes yours truly on the latest installment of 10 Questions, a chance for other bloggers to share a little about themselves on his site.  I’m gonna have to say, this is my favorite post of the week, haha!  If you’ve ever wondered a little more about my background, head on over to 1500 Days to checkout my 15 minutes of fame!

Krantcents - An informational post on how to buy a quality sound system for your living room.  I’ve never bought one myself but I now know where to go for the scoop on the whole process.  An important note – Krantcents emphasizes to not overestimate the importance of the sound bar.  In other words, get one!

Impersonal Finance - Ryan at Impersonal Finance is paving his path toward retirement in 10 years, and is sharing his master plan on his site this week.  Ryan and his wife have paid off a lot of debt and are now on the opposite side of debt…saving!  I look forward to see them on this journey and have a lot to learn myself on the journey toward retirement.

Luke1428 – Brian talks about giving to charity this week.  I like how he makes a note of how personal charity giving is and that he doesn’t make it public who he gives charity to.  In other words, giving to charity is a part of his spiritual practice and not something to tout.

Financial Diffraction - Alicia posts an update on her 3 month Yakezie Challenge progress.  She’s had amazing progress and if you’re interested in starting and growing a blog, this post is a great summary and introduction into your first 6 months as a blogger.

Retire by 40 - Have you ever wanted to become a landlord?  RB40 has an in-depth post on a day in the life of a landlord.  He has detailed list of what needs to be done after a tenant moves out and more “to-do’s” before the new tenant moves in.  I call it the nitty-gritty of being a landlord.  Great post.

Money Ahoy - Derek reviews “The Millionaire Next Door”, a best seller that details millionaire’s characteristics.  I’ll let you read Derek’s review.  Spoiler Alert** I don’t think he thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Untemplater – Sydney gives a super-detailed list on the common mistakes to avoid at work.  She would be the person to listen to regarding this as she’s had many years of experience working in the corporate environment.  I’ll say that a lot on this list applies to small businesses as well.  Very helpful!

Blog Update

This week was a busy week for me as I’m getting ready for that India trip.  As a result, it was a quiet week for Small Business Billionaire.  I was only able to post twice this week.  Such are the ebbs and flows of life.  I’ve realized through the experiences of collaborating with other bloggers that it makes blogging more social/fun.  I’ll look to work on more small projects with other bloggers from now on.  

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