Republic Wireless Moto X Review

Republic Wireless Moto XI’ve had a few months to play with the Moto X Phone from Republic Wireless.  I changed over from the Samsung Galaxy S2 on Sprint.  My plan on Sprint was one of the Simply Everything plans.  My monthly cost was $79 a month.  With taxes, my bill came to just under $100 every month.  I justified this cost by telling myself that this was a business expense, which was true.  But then I saw the Republic Wireless Moto X phone and the fantastically inexpensive plans Republic offers. For a similar plan to what I had on Sprint, the cost is $40 a month. That plan is basically unlimited data and minutes over 4G. The catch is that anytime your phone detects a wifi signal, it will use that signal to relay calls and texts instead of the traditional cell network.

Side by side, the two phones look almost identical.  They feel identical in your hand.  These phones are not the biggest phones on the market.  They are bigger than the iphone.

My Cell Phone Background

I like technology although I favor frugality and in my mind being a techie and being frugal don’t mix well.  I use my cell phone as my main phone which also includes using it for most of my business transactions.  When it comes to my cell phone, I’ve always opted for the older models in order to get free phones.  I’ve also jumped around from company to company looking for the best deal on a plan.  My last phone company was Sprint.  I use my phone for my business so I needed an unlimited plan which includes unlimited minutes, text, and data.  The stated cost of the plan was $79 a month.  Including all the hidden costs like taxes, surcharges, the bill was just under $100 monthly.

My last phone with Sprint was the Samsung Galaxy S2.  The phone was about two years old.  It did everything I needed.  Calls were fine, I got my texts in a timely fashion, and the phone kept up with what I needed…performance was solid.  The one issue that was irritating as the phone got older was a short battery life.  I solved that issue by having a few chargers around to charge the phone when I needed.

Republic Wireless Moto X Review

As far as using the Moto X for my business, it’s been great so far.  The phone has connection issues in the same spots that my Galaxy S2 had issues in.  Unless I’m in the car, I’m usually near a Wifi signal.  Either way, I’ve never really noticed an interruption in service when the signal hand-off from Wifi to Cell takes place.

As far as the feel and performance  of the phone itself, it’s awesome.  Battery life is great.  The phone is faster when opening and closing apps than the Galaxy S2 was.  I’ve used the Google Now feature which is basically like the iphone’s Siri, although not as good.  I like (and use) the feature.

I’ll use the Google Now feature the most when I need directions.  I’m usually in the car, right about to drive before I realize that I don’t actually know how to get to a particular location.  So I’ll just say, “Ok, Google Now”.  The phone will turn on and listen, and I’ll say, “Map __________”.  8 times out of 10, it will get the right address and I can just click navigate, and I’ll be on my way.  It’s a super cool, useful feature that I can see being flawless in a few years.


Let’s compare the costs associated with my Sprint Galaxy S2 vs. Republic Wireless Moto X.

Sprint Galaxy S2:  the phone itself was free with a 2 year agreement.  My monthly plan was a $79/month plan that included unlimited minutes, text, and data.  With all the associated fees and taxes, the cost came to just under $100/month.  Multiply $95 by 24 months (the term of my contract), that’s a total cost of $2280 for two years.

Republic Wireless Moto X:  the phone itself costs $299 + $10 shipping.  My current monthly plan is the $25/month plan which includes unlimited minutes, text, and 3G data.  With surcharges and taxes, the monthly total is ~$30.  Like I mentioned earlier in the post, I’m mostly in range of a Wifi signal.  I selected the 3G plan just in case I’m on the road and I need to get online.  Multiply $30 by 24 months, the total is $720+ $309 (initial cost of the phone plus shipping) and the total cost is $1029 for two years.

So in summary, the cost of my Sprint Galaxy S2 on my old Sprint plan cost me $2280 for two years ($95 a month).  The cost of the Republic Wireless Moto X will cost me $1029 for two years ($42.88 a month).  That’s less than half the cost of staying with Sprint on a two year contract.

Camera Comparison

I’m not a big camera buff.  That being said, I feel the pictures taken on the Moto X are better than the Galaxy S2.  As you can see in the pictures I’ve taken with both phones below, the difference is minimal.  It’s when you zoom in to each picture that you can see that the Moto X pic is slightly sharper.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2

Republic Wireless Moto X

Moto X

4G Vs. 3G

One issue I was anticipating that could be a potential issue was the fact that on Sprint, I had unlimited 4G service.  With Republic Wireless, I opted to go with the $25 a month plan which included 3G and not 4G.  My thought process on that was with Sprint, I remember the 4G service being spotty.  My best estimate would be that I was on 4G service 50% of the time.  And with the amount of data service I was using, the technology wasn’t that big of a difference.  I remember when Sprint started offering 4G service and while it was faster, I don’t remember being totally blown away by the speeds.

Now that I’ve had a few months of service with the Republic Wireless 3G plan, I can say that it’s been fantastic.  I’ve had no issues with the data speed.  The good thing here is that I can switch my plans with Republic every month.  That being said, I may even try the $10 a month plan which offers talk and text, but no data…go back to the good ‘ole days.


I can’t say enough about Republic Wireless.  I like what the company is doing in offering more affordable and customized cell phone plans.  The Moto X is a great phone and more than capable of handling the cell phone needs of a small business.  If you’re the type of person that wants an iphone or the latest and greatest phone, I’d say that you’ll probably find an excuse not to like the Moto X or Republic Wireless for service.  On the other hand, if you’re a frugal type that likes to weigh out the cost and benefits of all your purchases, this phone and this company is the one for you.

I feel that the phone and service handle my needs just fine.  And the cost is such a big bonus.  It’s like I just gave myself a $50 a month raise.

Have you switched to Republic yet?  What do you think?  Have any questions about it?  Feel free to ask in the comments section below.

Photo from Republic Wireless website.

2 Responses

  1. Mrs. PoP says:

    We looked at Republic Wireless, but the wifi requirements and inability to use our iPhones were a bust for us. But on the other hand, we just switched to Ting a couple of months ago and are now running two iPhones without any weird work-arounds to avoid data or minutes usage on ~$50/month. Definitely a win compared to our $160/mo Verizon plan from before.

    • SBB says:

      That’s great Mrs. Pop! Yeah, I looked at Ting for a bit too. Republic and Ting definitely (hopefully) represent the future for cell phone companies. I know that unless the pricing from the major carriers goes way down, I’ll never go back to any of them.

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